Conditions for the participation in the Video-art Investigation and Documentation Center



The Video-art Investigation and Documentation Center was born out of the need to gather, protect, organize, catalogue, promulgate and exhibit the audiovisual production connected to video-art and experimentation. The VIDC will make use of all its resources in order to meet these goals.


There are three platforms comprised in the VIDC:


Online Archive

In the “La Neomudéjar” website, there is a specific tab devoted to de VIDC, including artists’ information and a preview of what users will find at “La Hojalatería”.


La Hojalatería

La Hojalatería is the physical space devoted to the VIDC. It comprises a library containing books on video-art as well as the physical archive of all the videos, dossiers, catalogues and resources offered by the artists.


Mobile Digital Archive

This is a portable digital archive that includes all the artists’ work and documentation on video-art gathered by the VIDC. The aim of this archive is to be able to move around the contents of the physical archive to any course, festival and fair of which the VIDC is a participant as well as facilitating the cession and rental of the materials.

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