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IVAHM´15 Festival – Now&After (Rusia)

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Sábado 9 de Mayo


International Video Art Festival “Now&After” es un evento anual en Moscú, Rusia. “Now&After” se centra en la presentación, desarrollo y promoción tanto videoarte ruso como internacional, donde se reúnen artistas emergentes y establecidos de todo el mundo para presentar sus obras al público en general. “Now&After” se lleva a cabo en las sedes de los museos desde 2011. A lo largo de las semanas, los vídeos de todo el festival se muestran en un espacio integrado de video instalación multicanal. En 2011 – 2013 el festival se celebró en el Museo de Arte Moderno de Moscú. En 2014 se realizó en el Museo Estatal de Historia GULAG. Esta edición de 2015 “Now&After” se ha celebrado en el Museo de Estatal de Arquitectura Schusev del abril 21 a junio 21 de 2015. El festival está organizado por la organización sin fines de lucro Media Art Centre “Now&After”. El Festival colabora con organizaciones culturales en Rusia y en el extranjero y presenta sus colecciones a nivel nacional e internacional. La Directora fundadora / curadora del Festival Internacional de Videoarte “Now&After” es Marina Fomenko.

International Video Art Festival “Now&After” is an annual event in Moscow, Russia. “Now&After” focuses on the presentation, development and promotion both Russian and international video art, getting together emerging and established artists from around the world to present their works to general audience. “Now&After” takes place at the museums’ venues since 2011. Within a few weeks, all festival’s videos are shown in an integrated space of multi-channel video installation. In 2011 – 2013 the festival was held at Moscow Museum of Modern Art. In 2014 it was shown at The State Museum of GULAG History. Now&After’15 has been held at The Schusev State Museum of Architecture from April 21 to June 21 2015. The festival is organized by non-profit organization Media Art Centre “Now&After”. The festival collaborates with cultural organizations in Russia and abroad and presents its collections nationally and internationally. Founding director/curator of International Video Art Festival “Now&After” is Marina Fomenko.



Curated by Marina Fomenko

Duration 65 min.


  • Alexandra Artamonova, Eugenia Lapteva (“Gentle Women”), MUD, 2011, 7:00
  • Dmitry Bulnygin, BAD KARMA, 2010, 6:00
  • Marina Chernikova, URBAN SERFING BKMP, 2010, 5:00
  • Roman Mokrov, NEVER ENDING STORY, 2011, 6:45
  • Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, A CALL, 2012, 1:30
  • Marina Fomenko, SOLO, 2015, 6:55
  • Evgeny Bugaev, BALM FOR VESSELS, 2011, 5:00
  • Dasha Vlasova, LEAVE ME ALONE, 2:22, 2013
  • Vadim Leukhin, FIGHTING WITHOUT RULES, 2014, 2:38
  • Liza Morozova, MOTHERLAND, 2014, 3:54
  • Nasty Kuzmina, Nadya Grishina, FUSS, 2014, 5:48
  • Taus Makhaheva, GO, 2010, 3:02
  • Victoria Ilyushkina, Maya Popova, ACROBATIC SKETCH, 2012, 7:20
  • Roman Korzhov, MISSING, 2014, 3:00



Alexandra Artamonova Eugenia Lapteva (“Gentle Women”) MUD 2011 7:00

Alexandra Artamonova, Eugenia Lapteva_MUDAlexandra Artamonova Eugenia Lapteva (“Gentle Women”) MUD 2011 7:00


Girls from the poor villages at the Curonian Spit at Baltic sea coast that historically was a part of East Prussia used to wear a white dress for only few occasions in their life – baptismal ceremony, communion and the farewell to the ground ceremony carried out before getting married. The farewell used to be an obligatory rite every bride had to go through before leaving her parental home. Wearing a wedding dress and their best jewelry young brides used to go to the gulley and throw themselves into the mudflow that was running slowly from the hillside into the sea. They were trying to immerse themselves as much as possible into the ground, nestle up to it and get into it.  This action symbolizes how hard it is to say goodbye to your youth and the home ground.

“Gentle women”

“Gentle women” art group was founded in 2008. The group’s mission is exploration of women’s nature through the prism of rites’ transformation. The founders and participants of the group  Eugenia Lapteva and Alexandra Artamonova are born in Kaliningrad in 1987, both are PRO ARTE Institute (St. Petersburg, Russia) graduates.

Dmitry Bulnygin BAD KARMA 2010 6:00

Dmitry Bulnygin, BAD KARMA

Dmitry Bulnygin BAD KARMA 2010 6:00


Visual version of one of the circles of hell.

Dmitry Bulnygin

Born in Novosibirsk.1990 – graduated from Novosibirsk Architectural Institute. 1998 – video and multimedia. The main genre of work – a short film, video installation, flash animation. 1999-2004 – Projects in the group “Blue Noses”. Since 2001 performs with video performances – aka VJ DBS 2004 – lives and works in Moscow. Participant of numerous festivals, biennials and contemporary art exhibitions in Russia and abroad.


Marina Chernikova URBAN SERFING BKMP 2010 5:00

Marina Chernikova, URBAN SERFING BKMPMarina Chernikova URBAN SERFING BKMP 2010 5:00


Nonlinear memory processes allow us to stay now and then, here and there, to exist in several places at the same time. We can be engaged in daily activities and at the same time to travel around the world, to experience the adventure of last year, or plunge into the virtual world of computer games

Marina Chernikova

Born in Moscow. Graduated from  Surikov’s Moscow State Art Institute and gained a master’s degree in media arts at  HKU University of the Arts Utrecht (Netherlands).  In her works she explores the transformation of the psychological perception of megapolises urban environment  and experiments on the possibilities of new media as a mean of artistic representation. Participant of various festivals and exhibitions in Russia and abroad: Kandinsky Prize long list, Moscow, (2013, 2008, 2007);  Moscow Biennale Special Projects  (2013, 2011, 2009);  “URBAN SURFING” personal exhibition, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2007); “Contemporary city” foundation (2008); “One Minute – Train”, Arsenale Novissimo, Biennale, Venezia (2009).

Roman Mokrov NEVER ENDING STORY 2011 6:45

Roman Mokrov NEVER ENDING STORY 2011 6:45


Human life… what is that? Going with the stream or against it? Urge or following? Search or indifferent acceptance? What is that? Each day of human life is overcoming.

Roman Mokrov

Graduated from the Psychology faculty of the Moscow State Regional University, studied at the School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Institute of Contemporary Art Problems (ICA Moscow). In 2012, with the work «Endless Story» was among the finalists, and received a special award in the national competition for contemporary art «Innovation», and a special mention of the jury of the International Video Art Festival «Now&After’12». He was nominated for the Kandinsky Prize – 2012 and was a winner of Kuryokhin Award – 2014 in nomination Media Object. He lives and works in  Moscow and Elektrougly.


Alexandra Mitlyanskaya A CALL 2012 1:30

Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, A CALL

Alexandra Mitlyanskaya A CALL 2012 1:30


What comes after we making a telephone call, sending SMS-messag­es? In what situation the cell phone of the recipient comes “alive”? Is it possible that he will be the only witness or even object who rep­resents signals of life, the main witness of the failed attempts of making a contact?

Alexandra Mitlyanskaya 

Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, painter, videoartist, was born in Moscow, Russia, studied at the Moscow Institute of Grapiic Arts. In 1995 was grant-holder of Berlin Academy of Arts, Germany. She had also grants for visiting Universities TUFTS, Harvard, Parson’s The New School of Design. In 2011 she was winner of International Video Art Festival “Now&After’11”. Her works are represented in the permanent collections of The State Tretyakov Gallery,The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, The National Centre for Contemporary Arts, The state Saratov Art Museum and many Regional Art museums. Selected solo exhibitions  –  the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, “Selected works 1990-1997” (1997), The National Center of Photography, “Beauty for all” and “Nature & Morte” (2003), “From the last works” (2006), “Objects”, The Saratov Art Museum (2008), “Red and black”, The State Art Gallery of Hanti-Mansiisk (2010), “ERA” Foundation for the Support of Visual Arts “Living processes”(2011).  Alexandra Mitlyanskaya lives and works in Moscow, Russia


Marina Fomenko SOLO 2015 6:55

marina fomenko_solo 1

Marina Fomenko SOLO 2015 6:55


Accordionst playing “Mani. Stereos for accordion solo” Pierluigi Billone is completely obsessed with emotional and dramatic state of the music fragment, becoming single unit with the score and instrument. Video was shot during the concert on November 27th 2013 in The Gulag Museum.

 Marina Fomenko

Marina Fomenko is artist and curator based in Moscow, Russia.

She works with video and installation. Participated in numerous exhibitions and festivals all over the world including Moscow, Florence, Kyoto, Paris, Wroclaw, Amsterdam, Beijing, Seoul, Kiev, Naples, Delhi, St. Petersburg, London, Uppsala and many others. Marina was a nominee of Kandinsky Prize in 2011 and in 2010; a nominee of The One Minutes Awards 2012, the Netherlands. Marina Fomenko is a founding director/curator of International Video Art Festival “Now&After”.


Evgeny Bugaev BALM FOR VESSELS 2011 5:00


Evgeny Bugaev BALM FOR VESSELS 2011 5:00


An attempt to model the human “I” by modern digital medias of the inner reality, in which the “omission” of sleep corresponds to the fullness of life, and waking – to the emptiness.

Evgeny Bugaev

Evgeny Bugaev (Chertoplyasov) was born in 1984 in Samara. He graduated from the Institute of Art Education. He participated in exhibitions in Samara and Moscow, including Moscow Biennale of Young Art “Stop! Who is coming? “(Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2010),” Videoprovince” (National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, 2008), V Shiryaevskaya Biennale (Samara, 2007). Finalist of Kansk International Video Festival (Kansk).


Dasha Vlasova LEAVE ME ALONE 2:22 2013

Dasha Vlasova_ leave me alone 1

Dasha Vlasova LEAVE ME ALONE 2:22 2013


This video is  made at the interfase of cinema and video art. This video explores relationships between space and people, people and people.

Dasha Vlasova

Lives and works in Moscow. In 2014 graduated from the Russian State University of Cinematography, faculty of directing. In various years has participated in such student programs and workshops as Berlinale Talent Campus, London Film School Workshop with Shirin Neshat, Generation Campus at Moscow International Film Festival, and others. Her short films have been presented at many international and Russian festivals.


Vadim Leukhin FIGHTING WITHOUT RULES 2014 2:38


Vadim Leukhin FIGHTING WITHOUT RULES 2014 2:38


Video animation is based on children’s drawings. The pictures were selected in accordance to a special task, i.e. to learn how children understand such concepts as «war», «politics» and «modern world».

Vadim Leukhin

2013-2015 – study at St. Petersburg PRO ARTE Foundation, course “New technologies in Contemporary Art”. 2008 –2014 – study at Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy, named after Alexander von Stieglitz. 2003 – 2008 – The Institute of Arts, Novosibirsk.

A nominee for Strabag Artaward International contemporary art award, Vienna, Ausrtia. 2014 – «Commemorate the Siege of Leningrad» project; 2014 – Summer School Manifesta 10 project;  2014 – III International public art festival «Art Prospekt», «Kaleidoscope», St. Petersburg;  2014 – Manifesta 10, parallel program, «Сommunal apartment»; 2014 – IV Moscow International Biennale for Young Art;  2014 – «Young artist’s school» program participants’ videos demonstration, PRO ARTE Foundation, St. Petersburg; 2012 – Museums Night, State Museum of Political History of Russia, “St. Petersburg mysteries”.

Liza Morozova MOTHERLAND 2014 3:54

Liza Morozova, MOTHERLAND

Liza Morozova MOTHERLAND 2014 3:54

Concept: «Motherland», performance.

I am naked. A radio-controlled toy-tank is attached to my head, so i cannot see and hear. I give the remote control to the viewers. Under their command the tank from time to time opens fire.

Liza Morozova

Born in 1973 in Moscow.  In 2000 graduated from «Interstudio» art therapy learning center, class of paratheatrical forms. 1995 – 2003 — the member of an «Escape» art group. 1999 – 2000 – study at Contemporary Art Center of the Soros Foundation and The Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow (ICA).  2000 – 2008 –  «ESCAPE» Program participant. Since 2004  runs her own social educational project «Performance Art Studio». In 2005 got a PhD on the art of performance. Since 2008 has been an website columnist. Since 2011 has been teaching at Rodchenko Art School, since 2013 – at «Free Workshop» School of Contemporary Art at Moscow Museum of Modern Art. She has participated in many exhibitions and festivals, including Moscow Biennale of Art (2005, 2007, 2009),  Prague Biennale (2003), Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art  (Greece, 2011), PERFORMA (2011), and Venice Biennale (2005) in collaboration with «ESCAPE»  program. Lives and works in Moscow.

Taus Makhaheva GO 2010 3:02

Taus Makhaheva, GO

Taus Makhaheva GO 2010 3:02

Taus Makhacheva was born in Moscow (1983) and currently lives and works between Makhachkala and Moscow. She holds a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, London and an MA from the Royal College of Art, London.

In 2014 she won the Future of Europe prize at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig, she was the recipient of the Innovation Prize (nomination “New Generation”), the Russian state award for contemporary art in Moscow, in 2012 and in 2011 was nominated for the Kandinsky Prize. Taus won the 2nd prize of International Video Art Festival Now&After’11.

Makhacheva has participated in numerous group exhibitions including Too Early, Too Late. Middle East And Modernity, Arte Fiera, Bologna (2015); Love me, Love me not, collateral exhibition, 55th Venice Biennale (2013); Re: emerge – Towards a New Cultural Cartography, Sharjah Biennial 11 (2013); City States – Makhachkala, Topography of Masculinity, 7th Liverpool Biennial, (2012), Rewriting Worlds, ArtPlay Сentre, The Fourth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (2011);Greater Caucasus PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm (2011); Affirmative Action (Mimesis) Laura Bulian Gallery, Milan  (2011); Practice for Everyday Life, Calvert 22, London (2011); and History of Russian Video Art, Volume 3, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2010)


Victoria Ilyushkina Maya Popova ACROBATIC SKETCH 2012 7:20

Victoria Ilyushkina, Maya Popova, ACROBATIC SKETCH

Victoria Ilyushkina Maya Popova ACROBATIC SKETCH 2012 7:20


Desires, dreams, reality, memories. All mixed up in a communal bathroom. Bathroom is like a lonely boat.

Victoria Ilyushkina Maya Popova

Victoria Ilyushkina was born in Leningrad, lives and works in St. Petersburg, curator of video programs of MediaLab Сylend. 2003 – 2005 – St. Petersburg Foundation for Culture and Arts “PRO ARTE Institute”, the program “New technologies in contemporary art.” 1995-2001, education at Russian Academy of Arts, Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named I.E. Repin. Exhibitions: “Dance”, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, 2012 – Megapolis Festival, CCA Kuriokhin, 2012 – Kiev, Museum Shockolate, 2012- solo show of video program “Imaginary performance”, NCCA, Moscow. 2011- Exhibition « Flash memories », gallery Pfeister, Denmark, 2009. Solo exhibition “Inside I’m Dancing”- Iragi Gallery, Moscow, 2009. Mediainstallation “Third level» – ALgallery, St. Petersburg, May 2009 – exhibition “Space of Silence”, Red Flag Factory, St. Petersburg, 2009 -Mediainstallation “Memories of Red”, Luda Gallery, St. Petersburg, etc.

Maya Popova, choreographer, performer, lives and works in St. Petersburg. Graduated from Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory (department of choreography). As a choreographer she creates performances for dramatic and musical theaters.

Roman Korzhov MISSING 2014 3:00

Roman Korzhov, MISSING


Roman Korzhov MISSING 2014 3:00


The main object of observation in these artworks becomes the very sight of another entity, the carrier of hidden contents — the char­acters of “Missing” just look through in darkness not seeing the au­dience in front of. These people, by authors words, are “absent in themselves”, projecting on the absence of beholder. We see the very look but not the personality. Thus the very portrait genre suspends or even destroys, becoming just the only shell of the portrait genre. Visual materials, author works with, isolates from the reality living autonomous life…” Quote from the “Look from Zero Point” article of Constantine Zatsepin.

Roman Korzhov

Roman Korzhov is artist and curator. Born in 1964. He works in the field of video, objects, installations, paintings and photos. Since 1989 Roman participates in exhibitions in Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Estonia. His works are in the Samara Art Museum, private collections in Russia, Germany.