Performance celebración (mayo 27, 2023 1:11 pm)
Ernst Kraft // Paisaje quebrado (mayo 17, 2023 10:53 am)

LAartSHOW | Los Angeles

Now we are in the curatorial program DiverseArt of LAartSHOW like guest museum. With the collaboration of Spanish Ministry of Culture

For this event we present the instalation DATA | ergo sum | REALOADED,  an Interactive Art Installation that visualizes the capability of viewing machines using Artificial Intelligence by Ana Marcos (Spain)


With mirrors that attract the attention of visitors and based on the idea of a mirroring-portrait –relating to Art and Cinema, - we have designed an electronic and panoptic mirror for the first experimentation room where visitors are recorded by cameras that are not very visible on the set. A camera and recording-tracking software is today a technological device that can capture everything and understand the parts: objects and / or subjects that make up the image. The installation observes and records the behavior of visitors without them being aware that their simple presence in front of a mirror is providing an overwhelming amount of data; around 20,000 parameters are captured in just 20 seconds.

The system generates a new video with holographic effects and adds the data processed by the AI software. In essence, this artistic visualization presents a different kind of portrait: instead of being a static image, representing an instant or the romantic idea of ​​offering the essence of an individual, it consists of a complex visual system, in which computing technology provides a different perspective. It is precisely those ways of seeing, of seeing ourselves, what DATA| ergo sum invites us to review in front of its AI system. The challenge begins with the part that most differentiates us from each other as humans: the face and then the body. This digital analysis that makes us readable for a machine opens new possibilities. We look into an unknown being, risking to recognize both our vulnerability and what is non-representable in human life..

Shortly, a “mirroring AI” system that is capable of parameterizing facial expressions and physical features to project information on a scene, reducing each individual to a sequence of information.



3D Interactivo studio

The 3dinteractivo collective is a group formed by artists and engineers that seeks, through research, a deeper understanding of the relationship between art-science-technology. The 3dinteractivo collective began its journey in 2010 and is currently co-directed by Ana Marcos and Alfonso Villanueva.