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Presentación NEMAF – Seul (Videoart)

Domingo 8 de Junio a las 20:00 Presentacion deñ Festival NEMAF-Seoul
 Compilación de Video Coreano

Domingo 8 de Junio 21:00 Compilación de Video Coreano en La Neomudéjar


La presentación de la compilación de video de Corea ha sido realizada por el Festival NEMAF de Seul y contaremos con su Directora, Yeunho Kim para su presentación. La presentación se llevará a cabo con interprete coreano-castellano.

NeMaf’s Choice(Korean Alternative Video and Media Art)

Choice: Yeunho Jen KimJang

NeMaf’s Choice(Korean Alternative Video and Media Art) 


Photographic Survey 사진측량

Artist : BYUN Jae-kyu 변재규

Year/Country : 2013

Running Time : 15’48"

Fomat : SD MOV/Color

– The 13th Seoul International NewMedia Festival ‘Korea Best Propose Award’

I noticed a salt barn and approached it taking pictures. But as the real object came into view clearly, that was not the same as I expected. What I believed a salt barn was a bird observation deck. I print photos and build up them through piling up a copy by copy orderly. From the camera table, a camera keep an eye forward the photos out of focus…

Artist Note

I happened to take a picture after encountering a storage in Suncheon Bay. I thought it a salt barn and approached it, but it was a very different one from my expectation. Perhaps, does not memory have such a quality? Men wants to see what his shades of memory create. I bethought myself a sort of trajectorization in order to describe a process of consciousness…


BYUN Jae-kyu graduated from the course of film in Kyoto Seika University and finished M. A. and PhD course in the postgraduate school of art in the same university. His works show panoramic reinterpretation toward the space and processes how the experience of scenery is structured into material/immaterial forms through various media. In 2006, he received the best award of work in BACA-JA and KT&G award in Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul.


Artist : OH Min-wook 오민욱

Year/Country : 2012

Running Time : 20’

Fomat : HD MOV/Color

– The 13th Seoul International NewMedia Festival ‘Best Alternative Cinema’

Busan American Culture Center building was used as Busan branch of Dongyang-Cheocksik Co., Ltd. during Japanese occupation period, and currently remains as Busan Modern History Museum. Present everyday life lingering like hypnosis and distorted historical moments together shape a space that bears weathered time intactly.

Artist Note

This film excavates the period of ordeal on the site of ‘Busan Modern History Museum’. The site had once been ‘Busan branch of Dongyang-Cheocksik Co., LTD’ during Japanese colonial period, and, soon after independence, was used as ‘Busan American Cultural Center’. Divided by the window frame, the shapes the film projects endeavors to stay in the building and hypnotize us. Split landscape and silent texts examine the weathered memories of the past, and the images we are limited to the exterior of the building. Window, which stands between the camera and the landscape, is almost invisible. This sense of invisibility is thus an evidence of the time endured. After all, the combination of ‘Busan American Cultural Center Arson Incident of 1982′ media coverage and its remains continuously generates afterimage.


Born in Busan, 1985. OH Min-wook studied at Department of Media and Advertising Studies of graduate from school of Dong-Eui University. His recent film PHASE was screened at the 14th Jeonju International Film Festival. Recently he is exploring the junction between experimental films and documentary films. RITUAL (2011), WASHING (2010), 1987061020080610 (2008)

The Secret Principle of Things 사물의 숨겨진 원리

Artist : JO Min-seok 조민석

Year/Country : 2013

Running Time : 19’46"

Fomat: HD/Color

– The 13th Seoul International NewMedia Festival ‘ iGong-Cinema(Best New Artist) Award’

What do we see in the cinema? The cinema itself is neither a complete real nor a complete unreal. Let`s share this question while we defamiliarize these three scenes, the promational image of Seoul M.I.C.E. Industry, Mrs. Jae-sook JEON a bereaved family of the Yongsan accident and the highway from Seoul to the outer area.

Artist Note

We are pursuing ‘something’. We take all possible means to get decency, we are absorbed in finding and applying the principle of universe with the ambition to take a God-like status. Then what is that ‘something’ we should head for?

For what do we wish more material comforts? For what do we hope for the advanced civilization? Or we may already know we don’t want these.

It’s because we despair through the experiences make the actual existences trivial while we pursue that ‘something’. The cinema reflects the real world. Then what do we need to see in the cinema?


Born in 1981, Seoul, South Korea. He is the member of ‘Media Sup’, documentarian group and editor of ‘Act!’, webzine published by MediAct.

Their Sheraton 그들의 쉐라톤

Artist : KIM Se-jin 김세진

Year/Country : 2006

Running Time : 4’

Fomat : HD MOV/Color

City is the space for wanderers. We have made roads and built the houses in the urban city. The shapes of the city in everywhere have similar forms and systems under the capitalism. The travelers next by the windows in the hotel are the illusion that reflects us as inevitable consequences of lonesome shadow in the modern lives.

Artist Note

This video has made with a composite of multiple video footages of hotel rooms seen from outside secretly, in effect giving the illusion that these were all recorded at the same time. A camera chose the room randomly to capture a certain moment of people who stood by the window of the Sheraton Hotel room just before the sunset. Through composition of this video, we are given a voyeuristic glance into the particular moments of anonymous individuals in their hotel rooms where promise a privacy for sure. But then, nothing happened in their frames, and we are left with watching these individuals, isolated and severed from each other.


KIM Se-jin received MFA in Fine Art from Slade School of Fine Art in London and MA in Film/TV from Sogang University in Seoul, Korea. She works with a variety of media apparatuses, including documentary realism and cinematic language to explore various and perplexing relationships between individuals and contemporary society. Selected exhibitions include: Films_The Shade of Prosperity (TBC) INIVA, London (2012), Life Stage, Art Centre Nabi, Seoul (2011), the 3rd Busan Biennale(2006), Soiree Pointligne Plan_Paris Cinema, Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2006), De Appel Centre for the Contemporary Art, Amsterdam (2003), the 4th Gwangju Biennale (2002).

Unorderable Connections 접촉불량 

Artist : KIM Hae-min 김해민

Year/Country : 2006

Running Time : 6’

Fomat: SD MOV/Color

Television is the media has been playing the actual role of bridging the gap around the globe. It remains to be the strongest messenger of image information and surrounds the world with both positive influences and harmful effects. The film stems from the role of media of such context, a single channel video about a broken TV.

The act of choosing from a wide variety of channels in itself means the continuing status of severed images. Thus the focus is on the external interruption that causes the severance of images, and ironically enough it is the interruption that takes the role of connecting the image flows.

Such seemingly random connection of images interacts with external conditions to modify the native definition of the image itself and vest it into the flow of images.

The question is also about the duality of TV media, or the truth and lies of the images, about the identity of images expressed in the time and space of the world we live in right now.


Born in 1957. KIM Hae-min lives and works in Seoul. He had a number of solo exhibitions in prestigious galleries and museums in Korea and Japan, including media installations in Art Factory Gallery (2008, Korea), Ilmin Museum of Art (2003, Seoul), Kumho Art Museum (1998, Seoul), VA Nisiogi Gallery (1996, Tokyo), Soo Gallery (1995, Seoul) and Mee-Gun Gallery (1994, Seoul).

Like a Ghost Around You 당신 곁을 맴돕니다 

Artist : KIM Du-jin 김두진

Year/Country : 2003

Running Time : 6’20"

Fomat : DV/Color

The film shows final scenes from a TV movie <Merlin> (1998), the happy ending where Merlin the wizard uses magic to turn his now aged lover as well as himself young once again. Artist uses the scene and edits it to repeat the rejuvenation process of the two and speeds it up at that. The magical reality where all things can change and be possessed through all ways and means disappears away.


KIM Du-jin has studied Painting in Seoul National University and SNU Graduate School. He is interested in homosexual sensitivity which is found in mass media and its visualization in the field of painting, image and installations. NO PLACE LIKE HOME (2002), LIKE A GHOST AROUND YOU (2003), FAREWELL TO MR. ARNOLD (2005)

The Second Physical Condition for Being an Artist: Enjoy Every Situation! 작가가 되기 위한 신체적 조건둘째모든상황을 즐겨라 

Artist : CHANG Jia 장지아

Year/Country : 2000

Running Time : 4’20"

Fomat: SD MOV/Color

A continuing series on the different ways of body interfering with the system. The film talks of the conflicting effects rising from the unexpected reaction on the assumption of a sadistic setting.

The project stands on the ambiguous borderline between reality and performance. The expressions ever so real on the artist Jang Jia’s face make it difficult to determine if it is an act or an actual reaction. Through them Jang bluntly reveals the line that blurs her identity, whether she is an artist or a victim of physical violence.

Assuming when pain is accepted as pain, one is already won over by the system, the stimulation is received in a calm manner.

That is the artist’s critical attitude towards the unbalanced relationship between the art world and Jang Jia as an artist, and in a bigger sense the acquirement and demand for individuality against the social authority.


CHANG Jia has graduated from the Department of Oriental Painting at Chugye University for The Arts. She did a diploma program in Media Art at Korean National University of Arts. Her works have been displayed in numerous exhibitions, including WHERE IS THE CENTER OF GRAVITY? (2004) in Seoul Art Cinema, OMERTA (2007) in Alternative Space Loop.

Bukwaza Elegy 북가좌엘레지 

Artist : HONG Hyun-sook 홍현숙

Year/Country : 2009

Running Time : 3’40"

Fomat/Rate : SD MOV/Color/12

Those ferocious hands scrubbing in all directions using coarse sand paper, how can we bring them to a stop? How can the beauty of these wounds and creases be stored? Remember the mesmerizing scarlet sunset and the raw odor of concrete? How much longer will it take for this place to recover?


Born in 1958. She had originally started in sculpture, but now her works cross over to realms of installation and moving image. She usually stars in her own film works and her crew is small, of two or three people at most. Her aim is to realistically depict what-it-remains in her rather drained everyday life. She tries to mollify all that is callous, find chinks in hierarchical authority, live interestingly, add humor to every part of life, break boundaries, jump to-and-fro, and exhibit her works wherever, with anyone and everyone.

Study for the Art and Anatomy 예술과 해부학에 관한 연구 

Artist : KIM Yong-ho 김용호

Year/Country : 2009

Running Time : 1’39"

Fomat : SD MOV/Color

Mona Lisa, the icon of ideal beauty in this era appears on the screen. Soon a small magnifying glass is laid on the top and through the hole shows up an anonymous woman. The face of the young woman and another face aged through the years appear in turns and the two watch a book held in hand. As revealed from the title, the book is a cosmetic guidebook for makeups.


KIM Yong-ho holds BA and MFA in Painting from Hongik University. He also studied Arts Plastics and Media Art in the School of Art, Paris VIII University, where he received his MFA and DEA. He hold several exhibitions including PLASTICS LIFE, PROXY, etc.

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